Knozen 2.0

How well do you *really* know your friends?

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Thanks @rrhoover. We learned a lunch a bunch from our launch. Here’s what we got right and lessons learned: What we got right: - People are *very* interested in what others think of them. Call it whatever you like - personality, character, attitude — users were definitely very interested in sharing their views on others. - Users really appreciated our “positive, constructive” stance. We don’t allow negative comments, or anonymous sniping. That really resonated with users. - Our algorithms work for generating accurate profiles of people. From a relatively small sample size, we’re able to produce pretty accurate profiles of people. It’s really pretty amazing. Lessons learned: - We need to show you groups of people that you know. We thought, with all the Facebook SDK changes, that aggregating groups by work e-mail domain would be easier and more effective than by Facebook. Nope. 1/3 of people would not give us their work e-mail no matter what. - Anonymity was less important to users than we thought. We’d anticipated that users would not want anybody else to know their votes, at all. Turns out that sharing those votes was something they really enjoyed and were doing by email, text, and Facebook anyway, so making the app two player made sense. Thanks!
@cenedella thanks for sharing! Fascinating!
Congrats on the new launch, @cenedella. It appears you've changed directions, focused on friends giving each other feedback vs. coworkers (here's the original launch thread with @ajs, @willimholte, and @nkorzenko). I'm curious to hear why you made this shift and what you learned since launch.
I’m Scott Gursky, VP, Design at Knozen. Yeah, adding to the ‘lessons learned’ category. We were initially very focused on the privacy and security that came from the one player experience. However, especially for our really hardcore users, and even first-timers, it began to feel like you were playing against a persistent robot all the time, and users really wanted to share this information and their viewpoints with friends. So we made the pretty sensible step to 2-player to reflect users’ desires, and make it feel like you’re playing with your friends, not a robot. We’ve kept the solo experience in the “Celebrity Knobot’ option for fun. We figured if it felt like you were playing a robot, make it an actual robot :)
I signed up for the initial version and haven't used it much since, but my initial impression after checking out Knozen 2.0 is that it's much more playful. The new direction seems much less high-stakes, and just fun. I definitely dig the move away from work-orientation.
I love the fact that to knowing your friend via game. It's already started growin app store ranking too: Check out:
@aykutws pretty cool Aykut.