Knowmad Life

A platform connecting you to other digital nomads 🌎

Knowmad Life introduces you to random but socially verified digital nomads. After the initial email introduction, you can take up the conversation in any medium you like. We would like to help you achieve a digital nomad lifestyle by connecting you with folks who have been there, done that.

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Hello Hunters! It's an exciting feeling to be here as a maker and share with you my first-weekend project. Knowmad Life is a simple platform that facilitates a connection and introduces you to digital nomads who may inspire or help you to become one. You can decide the frequency of introductions while you sign-up This project was the result of my interest in becoming a digital nomad and also the inspiration gained from folks who have built great products without knowing how to code, especially @bentossell's DayDot projects. Being part of ProductHunt form past three years, I appreciate the amazing value it adds to the tech/maker community and the ecosystem. Please share your feedback/suggestions or any other ideas that help to better the product
I like the concept of meeting other digital nomads, but it seems like once signed up you don't get to control who you interact with here. I would find value in this if it was like a social network instead of a matching platform i.e. I can see who is in the community before giving my data. Where do you see this going in future? πŸ™‚
@abadesi Thanks for your feedback. The essence of this concept lays in sparking your curiosity to know who or where the next person, you would be introduced to. This isn't a matching platform (like Tinder) nor a social network (there are many facebook groups already, for digital nomads), I want to help folks move towards a nomadic lifestyle by connecting them directly 1-to-1 with nomads who have achieved a lifestyle that most of us just dream about. At least for me, there is no fun when you find out all the details of the person and ping him to know what he is up to. Instead, say I get a message "Hey, look where I had been today - Ta Prohm, a temple built during the 12th century" πŸ˜€ I don't want to make this project as another social network (there are a lot of them already and on FB, everyone would not be willing to have a convo out of the blue). In order to keep things simple, the initial introduction will be by email - later it is left to them to continue their conversation in whichever way they are comfortable with.
Very nice. By the way is there any business focused on meeting digital nomads for career purposes?