Learn to code in Swift on your phone 📱

Everyone can learn coding with Knowin — a fun, self-paced way learn to code on mobile.
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Hey Product Hunt! 👋 Super excited to launch the Knowin app today with fun, free and self-paced lessons in Swift (plus other in-demand languages). No coding experience needed! Knowin is the successor to Encode app, which we launched here on Product Hunt over two years ago! Encode ranked among the top learn to code apps by Digital Trends and has been featured by Apple. We've built Knowin from scratch based on what we've learned from Encode to create the best learning experience. Knowin's approach to teaching you coding focuses on blending practical examples with fun challenges. Rather than just explaining coding concept like strings, we'll show you how they are actually used in real apps. Leave a comment here or at to let me know what you think about Knowin! P.S. An Android version is coming soon!
Thanks for an awesome app, Rohan! Two features I like the most — offline support and in-demands skills with really smart group choices.
@savelii Thanks for trying out Knowin! Super glad to hear that our skill grouping is helpful :)
This looks amazing - I'm super excited to try this out. The pricing is definitely reasonable which makes it even better​.

Excellent for beginners in special if you’re learning new skills for your current job or project. I would like to see advanced topics in the future.


No code experience required, beautiful design, price on point and JavaScript + SQL ;)


Need advanced lessons, Some bugs with the resources menu in mobile and no option to purchase lifetime access.

You should add an arrow -> or something that indicates you have to swipe right to show the next lesson. I was confused at the beginning and I thought it was 1 lesson per week. 😂
@idgm5 That's a great idea. I'll look at improving the navigation between chapters for our next update!