Mindmapping with cards and concepts

#4 Product of the WeekDecember 09, 2019
Knowflow will help you to structure facts and ideas and make a decision. It offers high-speed design and visualisation of ideas, tasks and solutions. It works with text, voice, audio, video and images.
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Please fix the translations. Some screens have Russian and English right next to each other. (Onboarding guide boxes for example)
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I signed up but my demo walkthrough is in Russian, I cannot understand it
@shiran_sanjeewa checkout my comment, its a temp solution but works if you want to get through onboarding.
How does this got 238+ upvotes without any conversation? 🧐 Any russian connection?🤣
I wouldn't mind to pay for a product this good, the only problem is that it's in Russian and my Russian is a bit rusty...
For a very long time, I've been on the market for a thing that could serve for mindmapping on steroids. Not an all-purpose tool like Miro, but something that could facilitate thinking really quickly. Knowflow is a kind of a hidden gem in this respect. It seems that it has been done by a Russian design studio for their own purposes, it's not a 'product' in any commercial sense. It's extremely well-made, fast, opinionated and unlike any other. Also free. Really happy I bumped into it.