Send photos to friends automatically using face recognition

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The app scans your camera roll and automatically shares photos with the friends in your photo using facial recognition. Not everyone will feel comfortable trusting Knoto to send the right photos (we all have embarrassing things in our camera roll, or worse) but I love the idea of reducing friction automating a task we often do via text, Facebook, or other tools. h/t @iammollymchugh for this find via her WIRED coverage of Shorts.
Would make so much sense for this to have a confirm option before sending to people!
@bentossell agreed - but it's definitely a fun concept and eases sharing for increased and faster communication
@salomebdx I just dont think its usable until there is a confirm option
@bentossell tbh I would only start using it if there's that option too
@bentossell the whole point is to eliminate friction. Not everyone will trust Knoto enough to auto-share photos but that's part of its beauty. :)
@rrhoover tooo risky for me 🙅
Awesome work here. I'm curious to know how this is different from Facebook's Moments app.
@svikashk Thank Vikash! It's primarily different because of AutoSending. It's like it sounds--just enable a friend and every photo you take of them automatically gets sent to don't need to review or confirm. No friction. Second, the recipient doesn't need the app to get your photos--Knoto can AutoSend photos via email and text. Finally, we'll soon allow non-Facebook users to log in.
Hi @svikashk, some more details: Moments and Knoto do have a number of common features. Both support event (moment) sharing and requesting (asking) for photos of a particular face. In Knoto you can request events and faces for any person in your library. In Moments, AFAIK, you can only ask for photos of yourself. Moments recently added some support for video. Knoto's auto-tagging is great, specially when you have some friends in the platform already. Further, Knoto uses a very clean/powerful interface for tagging people in your photos rapidly, whether they are users or not. In the case of Moments, I don't see a way to tell the app about faces they did not automatically recognize. In my case, I have 700 friends on Facebook and only 20 contacts on Knoto. Yet, Moments auto-tags 12 people in my photos whereas Knoto auto-tags 25 people. Knoto takes things further with the AutoSend feature. Let me explain with a real-life example: I have Knoto and Moments running in the background on my iPhone. I snap a few shots with some friends. A few minutes later Knoto let's me know photos of Jonas, Heather and Andrea were found. Immediately after, Knoto AutoSends photos to Jonas and Andrea for whom I had previously turned on AutoSend. About 4 minutes later Moments asks: "Send your recent photos to Jonas?"
@jonas_lee This sounds super interesting. It surely does remove the friction for my use case. Most of my friends don't have Moments app so, it's pretty hard for me to send them pics. Thanks for this, Jonas! 😊
@agr This sounds incredible, Abner! Unfortunately, I'm unable to use Knoto. It looks like the app isn't available in the Indian store? I'm curious to know why? CC: @jonas_lee
@svikashk @agr Vikash--we just turned on India in the app store. Hope you enjoy Knoto!
Thanks everyone for your upvotes of Knoto! We just launched the app on Monday, so we'd really appreciate any feedback. I know it's a bit of a wild concept to automatically send photos as they are taken, but I think this is going to be something that will be considered normal over the next few years. With all the advancements in AI, photos will know where to go based on their content. This is how Knoto works: a user downloads the app, selects the friends to whom they want to AutoSend, and starts taking photos. When Knoto recognizes a person that has been enabled for AutoSending, it automatically sends them the photo. Knoto can also be set up to AutoSend photos of one person to another—making it great for sending photos of kids to their parents. In the photo food chain, I think Knoto can be an important feeder of content to apps like Instagram. When you AutoSend photos to a friend, they’re essentially getting a real-time broadcast of photos of themselves...from that raw, unedited stream of photos, they can pick out the best ones to post on social media. Enjoy the app!
Does this upload them to scan them? A tie-in with Google Photos would be nice, but might not make biz sense I suppose.
@boxcardavid We just upload face crops in order to ID the friends in your photos for you. We don't upload the entire photo library. A tie in with Google Photos might be interesting...we'll look into that.