Knightly Rage

Time the swing of your huge sword to kill all your enemies

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Brilliant game. Really fun/annoying to play, feels very indie. Loving the icon too.
This game is addicting. Adam Schroder (, the maker of the game is a front-end developer for Wunderlist and designed/developed the entire game himself. Awesome to see, incredibly fun to play and has the flappy-bird addictive feel.
Thanks @ItsJoeTurner! I really appreciate the support & I'm glad you find it fun/annoying ;)
@adamschroder @ItsJoeTurner Love it. Any chance I can pay a dollar to get rid of the ads?
@xoalexo, It is something i've thought about. I didn't want the ad to be obtrusive, that is why it is only on the death screen and not during gameplay. Lets see about the next update ;)
@adamschroder I'd love to support you directly by having a "remove the banner" option :) Nice work on this! Excited that you'll be developing it more and updating.
I especially like the music.
@chadfowler Thanks Chad! I have to give props to my brother Nate for that one though