Knife Aid

Knife sharpening service by mail

Knife Aid provides express, simple and stress-free knife sharpening service by mail. Their knife sharpening facility uses the most up to date sharpening technology, that you won’t find with any local knife smith.
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I bought a bunch of knife sharpening stones because I cook a lot and looooove when the knives are sharp. Problem is, it's a pain in the but. I thought it was fun the first time, times 2 through n are far more annoying and therefore I don't sharpen them as often. It's also a skill to sharpen a knife, and not super easy to do it yourself. This service seems like a great idea and for a reasonable price. I look forward to trying it out.
Chef knives are at the core of almost every single meal and a knife being as sharp as it can be is not only better for getting the right cuts, but its safer. This is a great idea for home cooks who may not be invested enough to learn and buy a sharpening stone, as a chef though I wouldn't mail my knives anywhere
@aaronoleary I think that makes sense. I've know restaurant owners that have pick up service on their knives, and a chef that prefers to do it himself. My guess this is more targeted towards people that do a lot of cooking at home.