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Klart is a friendly bookmarking service for designers 😊



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DrikerfMaker@drikerf · Making Klart.co
Hi Everyone 😺 ! I'm the maker of Klart. I love building stuff on the web and usually turn to sites like Dribbble for inspiration. While Dribbble is an awesome site, I also noticed how much beautiful designs, copywriting, etc I found when just browsing. I wanted a simple and elegant way to capture and organize everything, but didn't find any solution I liked. So I decided to build Klart. I hope you like it and look forward to your feedback :)!
João Antunes@joantune · co partner, Survs
@drikerf I would like to be able to try it before buying it
DrikerfMaker@drikerf · Making Klart.co
@joantune Hi! Thanks for your feedback. I've considered free trials but decided to stick to paid only. Is there anything in particular that is unclear? Maybe I'll reconsider :)
Saul Sutcher@saulsutcher · UX Designer/Product Manager
@drikerf @joantune I would agree with Joao here. I want to get a feel for the interface, how snappy it is, if the workflow fits in with other processes.
João Antunes@joantune · co partner, Survs
@saulsutcher @drikerf Yup. Ditto!! a trial period wouldn't hurt
DrikerfMaker@drikerf · Making Klart.co
@saulsutcher @joantune Thank you! I'll look into a trial or some kind of test session so you can get a feeling of the interface :)
Alin - CatalinHunter@alincatalin · Maker of things - now LikesDigest.com
Often times I make screenshots online but struggled sharing them. Now we have a simple and elegant solution.
DrikerfMaker@drikerf · Making Klart.co
@alincatalin Thank you 😊 !
Jurica Saponja @jurica87@jurica87 · CEO @pricespot.de
Will there be an APP for Android? I would pay for that :)
DrikerfMaker@drikerf · Making Klart.co
@jurica87 Currently there is only a chrome extension. I'm looking into making it available for both iOS and Android :)
Alex Hayes@alexhayes101
Very very cool idea.
DrikerfMaker@drikerf · Making Klart.co
@alexhayes101 Thanks Alex 😺
Sebastian KimPro@sebastiank · Serial "founder" (no exits yet :p)
I really like this simple idea. Like people said above, a little bit of free tier (maybe like 10 screenshots for free users) will probably help boosting the paid sign-ups as well.
DrikerfMaker@drikerf · Making Klart.co
@sebastiank Thanks! 10 screenshots sounds like a fair limit and good model. I'll definitely look into free tier/trial. The motivation behind the current model is that I want to give as good service as possible to paying users :).