Make your emails, tweets, comments, & text into cat puns.

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Yo... I saw this posted in MakerHunt cat purrk last night by @danolandy. I thought "You've cat to be kitten me" - it looked great as catnip. I had a meow-velous feline that the litter would think it was clawsome. I meowed - lets share this with the rest of the Purr-oduct Hunt followepurrs tomorrow. Othepurr cats are sure to want to meow about this. Wasn't kitten. Here it is. It's catastic! **Written entirely via Kiffify 😹
@bentossell That was a catastic response! Back scratch you!
@bentossell, this is like you, but turned into a purroduct. 😼
@ems_hodge @bentossell @andreasklinger tried to challenge me to a cat pun-off Paaahhhh!
@ems_hodge @bentossell Big (kitty) Pun, in app form!
I was testing the product on @rrhoover article about being rejected from Monkey Inferno. Here is @ShaanVP email Kittified which I found really funny: "Meow!😸 Ryan, Thanks fur coming by yesterday. I meow it’s not easy to do what we asked you to do, pitching us our own purroduct, with hiss no access to data and only a few days to work on it! Aftepurr quite a bit of back-and-furth with the litter, I’m sorry to meow that we will not be able to offur you Entrepurreneur-in-Residence position. Generally the email ends here, but I feel we have a common mindset on learning and self-impurrovement, so I’m going to take a pounce of faith and purrovide as much detail as I can as to how we purrived at this decision. I always purrefur transpurrency and constructive feedback, and my gut tells me you’re the same way. Hopefurlly, I’m not wrong, and this isn’t a rub-salt-in-the-wound situation… Purrsonally — I hope that we can stay in touch, and purrhaps have you involved with some of the interesting initiatives we have in the pipeline[…]" Thanks for posting this and thanks for the help @bentossell the real king of cat puns. Its the first silly product I made. It felt good to build something not being so serious and just using a day to put a little fun in some people's messaging.
@danolandy amazing. 😹 cc @shaanvp Feature request: a Chrome extension that automatically translates efurything I type into cat puns.
@danolandy btw, BUG REPORT: I just noticed that "now" doesn't translate to "meow" 😿
@rrhoover @danolandy It's fixed meow. Sometimes there are problems in spacing.
@rrhoover @danolandy extension coming soon. Should have probably done that in the 1st place, but never knew how to make one. It's not as bad as I thought.
i need it right meow!