Creative electronics kits for kids

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Yaay, we love!
This is awesome. I know this is for kids, but this is probably something I'd buy for myself as well.
@andyfortson we actually have quite a few adults that have said that and use the kits. maybe we should make a "grown up kit" :)
If any Product Hunters want to try one of our kits, here's a discount for you PH20.
We're happy subscribers and our 4-y/o daughter loves getting her kits in the mail and doing them. One of the unexpected byproducts of having a lot of different projects is we're building up an inventory of kid-friendly tools, circuit components, and fun stuff like that we can remix and use in other contexts. (For example she loves her safety glasses and ran to get them when we were playing with the dremel tool last weekend.)
@gregcohn Thanks! We love her creativity - especially her custom operation game. :) I need to send you some conductak so she can add LEDs to her safety glasses and give them some bling.
This is a pretty adorable video made by 9 year old Ryan, he is using the KitHub Soft Circuits kit. He says "I really like sewing!" He put the robot example I made to shame with his monster vampire. You go Ryan!