Find outstanding local chefs to cook for you, in your home.

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@benparr—I think the reason it hasn't worked before is 1) mobile wasn't where it needed to be and 2) it's a more complex system with more points of friction than many other services. It means the bar for creating any kind of behavior change is actually quite high. We think we can do it.
This idea has been tried in multiple iterations with multiple startups and pretty much all have failed. With that said, I REALLY want this or something like this to succeed. It must may be too niche outside of certain circles, so the big think you guys will have as a challenge is awareness and then getting people to try and love the experience that aren't normally high-end foodies like me.
@benparr why do you think it has failed? Too high of a CAC compared to the LTV? Not focusing on the right niches? @cm feel free to share lessons learned & how you guys are better
Seems to be available everywhere except SF..
I've done Kitchensurfing a few times, and it's been fantastic. I had a cook from Lincoln cooking in my kitchen last week. It felt like the first time I took an Uber black car -- pretty amazing and a sign of the times.
My friend made a list of a bunch of Food Delivery-type startups here
@imkevinxu this is where Product Hunt Collections would be awesome