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I work at Kitchenbowl - happy to answer any questions!
@kgdavis At first glance I thought this said KittenBowl. Any chance that's on your product roadmap?? Would love to hear your thoughts on the "foodie" community in general, and where home cooking is going with so many companies tackling different angles. * BlueApron, GreenChef, Forage and Plated deliver recipes and ingredients * Epicurious, RecipeWriter making it easier to find/share recipes * The plethora of meals-on-demand or delivery apps popping up in major cities * Yelp, 7x7, et al. for discovering great restaurants/dishes Seems like companies are carving out niches (chef-created recipes, all-organic, etc). Where do you see KitchenBowl finding its niche?
Can't delete, so I'll edit instead. Here's a picture of a KittenBowl (@rrhoover Was going to feature request comment deletion but I like this better)
@staringispolite @kgdavis Hi Jonathan, I'm the CEO of Kitchenbowl. Our goal is to build the highest quality recipe community in the world (think Houzz for cooking): (a Malaysian dish by someone in Kuala Lumpur). Logically, we want to live in a world where every recipe can be ordered with one-click to your door (say, via Instacart). According to AllRecipes, there are four distinct stages for consumers in the recipe space (plan, shop, cook, share) — we are positioning our company at the top of the funnel by focusing on community first. * Meal-kit delivery services are inherently flawed short-term business models subject to a local maxima. They certainly generate cash, but as the market becomes efficient — it will be increasingly harder for them to compete. * Recipe communities are generally driven by SEO so they suffer from quality issues. Epicurious published a nice article, "How To Tell If a Recipe Will Work" * Meal-on-demand and delivery apps are fantastic and they could really be the next "food truck." Mark Zuckerberg said it really well — “In mobile there’s a big premium on creating single-purpose first-class experiences” and this is exactly where we fit.
@staringispolite Kittenbowl, coming April 1, 2015 :)
@serenawu @staringispolite +1 for Kittenbowl
just installed a couple of days ago and love the app. Wife and I made our first recipe off it yesterday. The design is just the best good work :)
@doppenhe Thanks, Diego! If you'd like, you can post a photo of your rendition of a recipe, which helps us better rank our recipes for quality :)
Being someone who likes cooking but is terrible at it, I really like that there's pictures after every step. Most recipe steps aren't descriptive enough for me (probably fine for people who've cooked a lot). Seeing pictures of each steps makes it that much easier to follow.
@hsukenooi Thanks for the feedback and for sharing us on ProductHunt! (It was a surprise to us this morning, heh.) We started Kitchenbowl because we wanted to learn how to cook ourselves, and following cookbooks (with only final product photos) and text-heavy online recipes proved really difficult to understand contextually. We're hoping the step-by-step format will be concise, logical and reassuring for even the most beginner cooks :)
@staringispolite @hsukenooi @rrhoover as promised months ago... I present to you, Kittenbowl, taking over (one day only!)
@hsukenooi @rrhoover @serenawu Awesome! Hard to hunt if it's the same URL but I figured it out :)