Keep in touch with the people you care about

Kit is a very simple webapp that makes it easy to keep track of people you care about and helps you remember when to catch up with them.
Built by @mulligan as a personal project.
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Kit primarily solves a single problem: maintaining a list of people you want to catch up with. It simplifies triaging that list and remembering when to see someone again. But it's a simple approach, so less magic than you might hope for. I shared this concept on Twitter a few weeks ago and a bunch of people wanted to try it, so I let a few hundred check it out. Most agree it's too basic (although I'm happy to take feature requests) but some found it really useful. SO, I'm opening it up for anyone to try. If it works for you, awesome. If not, no worries. 😊 If you use it, there's a feature request button at the top. Please let me know what you think is missing. I'll also ping you for feedback a few days after you start using it.
As you know, I've been super interested in this space, @mulligan. What's the biggest surprise or learning from your initial beta users?
@rrhoover wasn’t necessarily a surprise, but what I’ve found in this space is that most people want something very customized to their needs, and general solutions don’t work. I find most people happiest with a custom CRM they build with air table. 😊
Hey @mulligan, just created an account on Kit. I have attempted to manage a list of people I want to catch-up with in a notebook, but I am a typically digital notetaker so that approach doesn't work well for me. I like the onboarding process and love the 'how often do you want to connect' feature.
Are you planning to release iOS app?
@maciej_sieminski no plans for that at the moment