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We created KiSSFLOW because we believe that people closest to the chaos know best about how to fix it. KiSSFLOW is an extremely easy-to-use, do-it-yourself workflow management software that allows you to discover, create, and modify business applications. You don't have to know coding or complex mapping to create workflows from scratch.

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  • Pros: 

    Simplicity and intuitive interface are the best things about KiSSFLOW


    The cons are actually negligible.

    KiSSFLOW is a workflow software that helps us automate our workflows. All our manual work, back and forth emails, deflections are, by and large, resolved.

    Anjana has used this product for one year.
  • Pros: 

    Massive productivity gain. I don't need to depend on developers to build internal apps.


    I can't think of much. It lets me worry about one less thing :)

    Internal apps are the strength (or weakness) of an organization that tries to scale. Done well, it makes your org inherently process driven. But developer time is precious. For me, Kissflow takes the catch-22 out of the equation.

    Ashwin | PipeCandy has used this product for one year.


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Suresh Sambandam
Suresh SambandamMaker@sureshsambandam · CEO, OrangeScape
I am Suresh, CEO KiSSFLOW. I will be online and checking this space. So, please feel free to ask me anything about KiSSFLOW!
Avinash Raghava
Avinash Raghava@avinash_raghava · ISPIRT foundation
In the world of mobile iPhone is the standard for usability. In the world for Workflow software, KiSSFLOW is that standard. The most simplest workflow software in the market that requires no programming knowledge.
Dinesh Varadharajan
Dinesh VaradharajanMaker@gvdinesh · Vice President - Product Management.
@avinash_raghava Thanks Avinash
Dinesh Varadharajan
Dinesh VaradharajanMaker@gvdinesh · Vice President - Product Management.
I am Dinesh from the Product Management team. I will be happy to answer any questions you have on KiSSFLOW.
Magesh@imagesh · Founder, Hash14
I just saw some of the demo videos on youtube. The product looks great, with an easy to use, simple UI. Creating workflows has become just as simple as creating an excel sheet now, with KiSSFLOW. I will definitely recommend this product for anyone who requires a workflow automation. Amazing how simple automation apps like this can save hours of monotonous work for the employees/users, eventually a big save for the company using it.
haridhuruvan@dhuruvan · Digital Marketing
Do you have any plans to increase the number of pre-built applications?
Dinesh Varadharajan
Dinesh VaradharajanMaker@gvdinesh · Vice President - Product Management.
@dhuruvan Yes. We are planning to create pre-built applications for specific industries.