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Save & annotate articles ✍ & images 📸 shared on Slack

Kipwise helps you turn daily communications in Slack into saved team knowledge easily. Shared an article or image in Slack? Kipwise will turn it into a collaborative version so your teams can collaborate on highlights and notes. All saved items are searchable in Slack using simple commands.

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Hi Hunters 👋 This is Amanda, co-founder at Kipwise. KIP stands for "Knowledge is power". We build Kipwise to enable better team knowledge transfer, so a team can grow faster by helping each other learn more effectively. We launched Kipwise 1.0 back in Jan with article annotation being the key feature. Many users mentioned they want to annotate images also (imagine sharing a long infographic or a chart), so here we’re - Kipwise 1.1 with image annotation! Sample use cases of how you can use Kipwise: - Team learning (e.g. discuss inspiring articles / infographics with teammates) - Content research (e.g. clip blog post references) - Competitor monitoring (e.g. clip competitors’ ads / screenshots) - Design discussion (e.g. share design references with annotations) - Onboarding new hires (e.g. create reading lists for new hires) We will continue to add more knowledge formats (e.g. video annotation) so let us know if you’ve any suggestions :) We will reply to every single comment!
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@amandawongw Congrats! Awesome useful tool for teams using slack. Liked the annotation feature. ✌️🔥
@amandawongw Amazing work, Amanda! :)

Helpful tool for team members which is within slack, so they don't have to rely on other products for collaboration. All done in one roof.


Amazing helpful annotation feature!


I haven't encountered anything negative yet.

Thanks a lot for the review! Do let us know if you have any feedback when you are using Kipwise as we are rapidly launching new updates :)
Great job!! Super useful and handy for efficient communication😊
@ayush_chandra Thanks Ayush! Let us know if you have any feedback while using Kipwise :)
perfect !!!
Looks cool guys. Nice work.