King for a day

Reddit AMA's Meets Ethan Chat.

Hey Product Hunt! I built KingForADay out of a desire to provide a platform for more focused and personalized chat connections. Here to answer any questions... and hopefully to get you all to sign up as Kings!
@andrewrlin Seems great :). Excellent job
I absolutely love this. Reminds of this quote: "With the internet, everyone has a license to speak, now it's a question of who gets heard." -Aaron Swartz
@abe_storey Love it! Honestly thats the challenge these days is discovery and being heard. Hopefully KingForADay provides a platform for folks to meet and be heard.
A new King is crowned every day! Chat and share pictures with the king, ask his/her opinion or advice. Even you can be King and chat with the whole community.
@kwdinc Nice Hunt. I was saving this for tomorrow .·´¯`(>▂<)´¯`·.
@erictwillis @kwdinc Thanks for the Hunt!
@erictwillis @kwdinc this is another interresting one.
this is freaking awesome
@bramk thanks man! Join us in the app!
Cool idea. Signed up.