King Children

Custom 3D printed eyewear.


King Children delivers affordable, custom-fit, 3D printed eyewear for anybody with a face using your iPhone's built-in face scanner.

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13 Reviews5.0/5

I am very happy with my glasses too- they are lightweight and the lens quality is great. iI receive many compliments as they are very flattering, and the color is amazing ! The protection against blue light is very appreciated


Easy to scan your face and see how the different styles and colors look before ordering. The customization feature Is really cool!


I found the experience fun, no cons

try, considering the price & comfort !


Unique, custom fit!


experience reviews

Amazing product for an affordable price!


Great fit






I've had to buy children's glasses for years because nothing else fit. Now that I've tried the King Children glasses I want more (in different colors). Love the fit, love the colors, the quality and the lenses. Also they are made for me, exactly how I wanted them to be, which is so unique.


App is easy to use, glasses are really cool and fit SO well. My face is tiny -- These are the first pair of sunglasses that fit ME perfectly



My teenager has astigmatism, they can only prescribe (legally) pretty thick lenses in Texas before the age of 18. She also has a pretty narrow nose which made it next to impossible to find a suitable frame that would put the lense right at the center of her eye.

After contacting King Children, we were blown away that the CEO had a call with us. As the company is not Texas based, they could also offer the thinner lenses. This is way above and beyond to what we have hoped for.

I cannot wait to receive the frame with the lenses in 2-3 weeks.


Personalized service for a challenging situation - got a call from the CEO


Too bad that the app only supports iPhone X or later