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Kindred accelerates social movements through the power of popular culture.

We bring communities of influential creators, platforms, and purpose‐driven brands and organizations together to find real solutions that address society’s most pressing issues.

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If you make content for an audience, and are passionate about making a difference in the world, we’d be interested in connecting with you via
Rad idea, @ischafer. This is like a variation of a charity, but instead of financial capital those with an audience deploy their social capital. What types of people do you work with and are you targeting specific causes? It appears that you're focused broadly but I wonder where the need is most acute.
@ischafer @rrhoover Thank you! When we say "creators" we are referring to anyone who makes content for, and distributes content directly to, audiences via social media platforms. The community of creators we are building will be focused on affecting at least one of our areas of impact (see the gallery) through the creation of content. Their goal is to make difficult yet important conversations easier to participate in, and the volume of those conversations too loud for institutions to ignore. Culture is our currency of change.