Kindle Paperwhite

New Kindle w/ a 6" hi-res display & built-in light

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Amazon's doubling down on what makes the Kindle unique (and optimal for book connoisseurs): readability. At $119, it's perfectly within my budget for my mom's birthday (sshhh, don't tell her).
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@rrhoover Wait--so your mom doesn't read PH?!
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Will the Bookerly font be available for prev gen Paperwhite? Or are we not worthy?
@eyalyavor this is what I want to know, just got 2 in January (wife and myself) - and was wondering if anyone who has had a kindle longer can speak to if they get updates like this?
@eyalyavor as I saw in Mashable "All Kindles, however, will be getting an over-the-air software update" so it's a yes 😊, here's the link:
And to think I had almost talked myself into paying $200 for the Kindle Voyage. Amazing!
@seanoliver If I were to upgrade I may still go with the Voyage. Gave one to a friend for Christmas last year and am still pretty jealous of the design as a Paperwhite owner. The non-recessed screen and page press buttons are very nice. For how much you use it I think the $80 could be justified. Both are definitely great products though. Wish I had more excuse to update, but Kindles are just already too close to perfect to buy a new one. The 300ppi screen though could give me an excuse as reading manga/kanji on the old low-res screen doesn't really work.
God dammit. I JUST bought the previous gen Paperwhite after buying a Touch a few months earlier and loving it. UGH.
The Kindle is the only technology device I bring on a real holiday.Love it.