Kim Kardashian Bot

Chat with Kim Kardashian on Facebook Messenger

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Dre Durr💡
Dre Durr💡@dredurr · Growth is the only thing that matters
This woman does not need any more publicity haha🤣
Lisa Dziuba
Lisa Dziuba@lisadziuba · Founder
@dredurr actually, after posting this bot here I checked her Twitter... She created a whole world of "Cartoon Kim Kardashian" 😂 😂 😂
Ryan Hoover
Ryan HooverPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
Just chatted with Kim. It plays out like a choose your own adventure story (although very linear). Unlike her other mobile apps, Messenger bots don't require a download, decreasing the friction to engage. I wouldn't doubt if a million people chat with Kim a week within its launch. 🚀
@rrhoover this is actually quite genius.
Lisa Dziuba
Lisa Dziuba@lisadziuba · Founder
@drew @rrhoover I would prefer to chat with bots of Elon Musk or Ben Horowitz :)
Lisa Dziuba
Lisa Dziuba@lisadziuba · Founder
@rrhoover @drew coool!!! I didn't know that such bot exists!
Naomi Assaraf 🔥
Naomi Assaraf 🔥@nassaraf · CMO, Technophile, pancake lover.
I just lost faith in humanity
Steven Rueter
Steven Rueter@rueter · Developer
@nassaraf best GIF ever