Kill the Newsletter!

Convert newsletters into RSS feeds

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2 Reviews5.0/5
kind of makes me want to build something along the lines of "kill the RSS feed"
@jnsdls Like something that compiles all your RSS feeds into a single weekly newsletter.
@shaundunne you can do that with IFTTT, no?
this product idea is awesome. It's actually one of the main features that I pay for inoreader for. you get an email address that you can use to subscribe to newsletters etc. and that becomes an RSS feed. I have a lot of my flow built around inoreader, to move newsletters out of my inbox and alongside my other RSS subscriptions.
@_jacksmith Recently I started using Inoreader, can you tell me how to do that in inoreader? (well I am using the above product too, but just wanted to know)
Absolutely amazing. And a free service too!
And then send that feed into your Pocket Queue with IFTTT!
Hmm, I can't really get this to work with the PH newsletter... πŸ€”