Get gifts of experiences. A simple, private gifting platform

Wish your gifts were more meaningful?

Kiiah is a platform for receiving gifted funds from friends & family. Random gifts & giftcards are old news, use Kiiah to bridge between funds you receive & experiences you care about.

For every occasion, tap into the best gifting platform of its kind, to receive the perfect gift of experience each time.

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    Simple platform for getting gifts from friends


    none so far

    Kiiah is a simple gifting platform without bloated features.

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I'm super thrilled to share Kiiah with the @product community! 🤪 My team and I are changing the way we give and receive gifts, and we hope you join the movement soon enough! Kiiah is a fun and simple platform that connects your friends and family to the things you truly value! Forget the random stuff and gift cards you receive or handout at gifting occasions. With our platform, receive gifted funds directly into your bank account and direct them towards awesome and purposeful experiences! I look forward to all the reviews and feedback. Cheers! 😄
This is really cool! I would love the ability to build a community of folks that I can follow their goals and give when I can.
Hi @ryn_pascale ! You'd love Kiiah. And yes it doesn't have to be a celebration before you can make a wish on Kiiah, like you said, they can list their goals, both short and long term, and share privately with others, who can then gift money towards those goals.
@raffi_muradyan absolutely Raffi! Would love to know what your experience is like on Kiiah. :)