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Carlos Vializ
@rockstarclos · Engineering @ Kifi
Details and organization make or break any project, and they take time to get right. Kifi's teams features help me nail project details with my team. I can quickly get feedback for wording on any online document or webpage with Kifi's on-page text highlighting. And integrations with existing knowledge, bookmarking, and communication products--like Kifi keeps… See more
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Ouriel Ohayon
@ourielohayon · appsfire, CEO/ isai (VC) co-founder
Ever since Delicious has gone (or virtually gone) i have been actively looking for a replacement. Kifi (reviewed here https://www.producthunt.com/tech... ) became quickly the reference for me. best bookmarking service out there by far. But quickly i realized i wanted to share that knowledge with my team. Many apparently did and they launched this version for… See more
Mengxi Lu
I have been using Kifi for a while, IMHO it has achieved what Pocket and Delicious have fallen short: not only discovering, tracking knowledge online, but also have an efficient way to share it and build up your own knowledge repository. I am really excited to see the launch of Kifi for Teams, congratulations!
Elad Ossadon
@elado · Code junkie/Productivity freak
Kifi is one of those 'Productivity Tools I Can’t Live Without' (https://medium.com/@elado/produc...) I've been using it since it was released (used Delicious before). I get plenty of value as a consumer as well as a team member with the new Team product. We started using the Team product recently (while in beta) at work, and it nicely replaces all kinds of … See more
Kevin Ferret
@kevin_ferret · Product Manager, AgilOne
I have been using Kifi for more than a year, and it's become an essential productivity tool for me & the team. Typical use cases are keeping track of competitors (esp with the Slack integration), sharing ideas and news with the team, and overall sharing knowledge (Stack Overflow & the likes, or your internal knowledge base). The big plus compared to … See more
Jen Granito Ruffner
@jeng24 · Product Manager at Kifi
Thanks Ouriel for sharing Kifi for teams! We are excited to launch Kifi for Teams; a new kind of web-centric knowledge management tool that gets your team on the same (web)page. You can join and create a team on Kifi for free & Product Hunters will get an exclusive $150 credit toward upgrading to a paid plan (code: PRODUCTHUNT). I’ll be here to answer… See more