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Ever since Delicious has gone (or virtually gone) i have been actively looking for a replacement. Kifi (reviewed here ) became quickly the reference for me. best bookmarking service out there by far. But quickly i realized i wanted to share that knowledge with my team. Many apparently did and they launched this version for Teams. It has all the features you'd expect. But for me the killer one: the integration with slack. Anytime i bookmark something from my computer or phone it goes straight to Slack in a dedicated channel. Strongly recommend
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Thanks @ourielohayon ! We are thrilled to share Kifi for Teams. We see it as category setter - a new kind of web-centric knowledge management tool that promotes open research in a team. Expect many more exciting features to come soon.
I have been using Kifi for a while, IMHO it has achieved what Pocket and Delicious have fallen short: not only discovering, tracking knowledge online, but also have an efficient way to share it and build up your own knowledge repository. I am really excited to see the launch of Kifi for Teams, congratulations!
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Kifi is one of those 'Productivity Tools I Can’t Live Without' ( I've been using it since it was released (used Delicious before). I get plenty of value as a consumer as well as a team member with the new Team product. We started using the Team product recently (while in beta) at work, and it nicely replaces all kinds of documents/google sites/disappearing slack messages. It's great for research of product and technologies, list of competitors, design inspiration etc. Rock on!
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I have been using Kifi for more than a year, and it's become an essential productivity tool for me & the team. Typical use cases are keeping track of competitors (esp with the Slack integration), sharing ideas and news with the team, and overall sharing knowledge (Stack Overflow & the likes, or your internal knowledge base). The big plus compared to other tools is that you are basically using Google to search (type a search, get kifi recommended results). On top of that, the recommended articles that appear in your personal feed are typically right on the money, and the search actually indexes all the content for most of the stuff you keep (makes it a LOT easier to find stuff again). Great to see they released the team version (I was on the beta so far) !
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As @kevin_ferret has relentlessly demonstrated over the past year, it's also great for sharing cat videos :)
@paulcothenet @kevin_ferret Some say I might have been the cause of one Kifi user churning. Which somehow makes me even more proud. #cats
@kevin_ferret - Taking a look at Kifi's user based search results on a given topic; Kevin ranks 8th among people that keep pages about cats. But to be fair, @paulcothenet is not that far behind in 11th ..... I'm not sure who I'm siding with here, but maybe you can both agree to follow this awesome library about cats being jerks:
Thanks Ouriel for sharing Kifi for teams! We are excited to launch Kifi for Teams; a new kind of web-centric knowledge management tool that gets your team on the same (web)page. You can join and create a team on Kifi for free & Product Hunters will get an exclusive $150 credit toward upgrading to a paid plan (code: PRODUCTHUNT). I’ll be here to answer any questions and the team would love to hear your feedback.
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