Kifi for Slack

Get links messaged on Slack in Google Search results

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Eishay Smith
Eishay SmithMaker@eishay · CEO & Founder at Kifi
I’m the CEO & founder at Kifi. Today we are super excited to announce our Slack integration. With one click you can create a Kifi team that mirrors your Slack team. What that means to you: You can now get to Slack messages from Google search results. Never lose links messaged within Slack. And all the searches are deep searches: We index the content of all the links you share, so you can search links and their content from within Slack, and even more importantly, from Google. Kifi aims to be there whenever teams of users are sharing web content. Over the last year we’ve worked hard on allowing Kifi users to work within teams and improved our Google & Twitter integrations. Now, we’re happy to add Slack.
Monica S. Flores
Monica S. Flores@monicadear · Director of Digital Products
@eishay super sweet - i told our community manager at hashtagfemalefounders @angiecois
Jonathan Salomon
Jonathan Salomon@solojon · Technologist, Orange Silicon Valley
@eishay Why do you need info of team members and contact info? I feel like I have to ask my entire org for permission...
Léo Grimaldi
Léo GrimaldiMaker@leo_grimaldi · Engineering @ Kifi
@solojon that's a limitation of Slack's API: as far as I know, the only way for us to get *your* own information and create your Kifi user profile is via the "" API. Now that API requires a set of permissions that gives us access to your entire team's directory. I agree this is unfortunate and I promise we're playing nice. We've been very careful trying to optimize our implementation for the smallest set of permissions but I'm not aware of a way around that one, at least until Slack releases a stricter API. Perhaps the folks at Slack can chime in? @buster @episod @DEGoodmanWilson @sean_a_rose @aunder
Sam Doshi
Sam Doshi@samir_doshi · Co Founder @
@eishay Cool idea
Buster@buster · Author, maker of products
@leo_grimaldi Agreed that it's a current limitation. Slicing the data by a particular user's perspective without granting access to the entire team's info is something we're hoping to support soon (no timeline yet but it's actively being scoped/started this quarter).
Ouriel Ohayon
Ouriel Ohayon@ourielohayon · KZen, CEO / Co-founder isai (VC)
best bookmarking service. hands down
Eishay Smith
Eishay SmithMaker@eishay · CEO & Founder at Kifi
@ourielohayon Thanks Ouriel! I'm so happy you where there in our growth stages, your feedback was always on the spot :-)
Luis Novo
Luis NovoHiring@lfnovo · CEO, Skore
Kifi was a good product that is now being discontinued after Google bought them. If you are feeling lonely, you should definitely try
erwin blom
erwin blom@erwblo · @TIStv / @Fastmoving / @stek_io
I've been testing this and love it! Really handy to archive all links shared on Slack. And really handy that its two way traffic. That saving in a certain folder on Kifi gets published in Slack too.
Jen Granito Ruffner
Jen Granito RuffnerMaker@jeng24 · Product Manager at Kifi
@erwblo Thanks Erwin - so glad to hear you <3 it :) Definitely excited to get the option to either push and/or pull links between Kifi and Slack. We also released some pretty granular settings so that you can adjust these all per channel.
Scott Ruffner
Scott Ruffner@scottruffner · PM Dropcam
I've been using Kifi with my colleagues for over a year now. Looking forward to when this type of integration might be available on Hipchat, which is what we use at Nest.
Léo Grimaldi
Léo GrimaldiMaker@leo_grimaldi · Engineering @ Kifi
@scottruffner many of our users have been asking for Hipchat after trying out Kifi with Slack. Our current focus is to make this Slack integration the best out there. Now we’re all 👂and Hipchat is definitely on our radar.