A fun way to assign tasks and chores to children

This creative app helps parent to assign tasks like household chores to their children on a daily basis and to monitor the given Tasks.

Parents can also assigned rewards in term of points to the child for each completed task.

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3 Reviews5.0/5

This is a great app to help my kid to be more independent with self-discipline to complete his homeworks and Houseworks by himself without my reminders


Very useful app for kids and parents


Just take a bit longer time for me to set it up as I am a first time user, after that everything runs well.

I wish this was around when I was a kid!
Support the Launch of Kidgogo app! – the 1st Parent and Child App for Motivating Kids Complete Their Tasks, Homework, Houseworks Independently With awards Before Parents Arrive Home. Developing an app is a very rigorous task, but when completed it is an assistance to divers’ human needs. And Kidgogo app is no exception. Kidgogo is indeed an exciting App for our beloved children. It is designed to help build family bonding among parents, and children as well as helping them to attain “critical thinking skill.” Furthermore, the unique feature about Kidgogo App is its ability to help parents assign daily tasks such as household chores to their children, and monitor their given functions. It also helps to build up independence, and critical thinking among children with regards to every task given. Kidgogo App makes it mandatory for every child to take photos once the task has been completed, inform their parents regarding notes; and send the pictures of the fulfilled task to their parents through the interactive dialogue in the app. Have you ever imagined how YOU as a parent would feel, seeing your child accomplish his/her daily task before your arrival? Parents who are impressed with their kid's completed task can as well reward them regarding points for every task. The overall aim of this is to encourage the child to put in more efforts in his or her next daily task. Fortunately for the developer, the very first version of Kidgogo App has been completed, but he would like to improve the second version by adding extra features such as animations, reminders, and improvement of rewards system for the children. However, achieving these additional features cannot be possible without your kind gesture. Your help is the only way forward! Remember, we will be running a regular survey with the community to help us refine the product up to launch and beyond. Thanks very much in advance for your support. For without you, it just wouldn’t be possible. Blessings, Roger Lee P.S: The target markets are families with children or even school levels where teachers can assign specific tasks to their students. The App is designed for all people around the world. Family bonding and children’s development is one of the essential aspects in the world that needs attention. Kidgogo App will help to promote it.
Nice work @jitesh_dugar! Happy to you working on something like this. Keep it up 😎💪🏻🔥
@martijn_verbove thank you so much! I am the maker of this design app. I am Roger Lee from Singapore! 😃👋🏻👋🏻
Definitely useful product, maybe include a Facebook bot to help with adoption.