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Love this move. Kickstarter is successful because of videos and its ability to create an authentic connection between the creator and consumers. Livestreaming is one of the most closest things we have to meeting creators in person, because of the participation/live Q&A aspects. But it's also very difficult to broadcast good live video. How do you make sure creators don't completely bore the audience, @yancey? 😊 I'm also curious how long you've been working on this.
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@rrhoover @yancey it's very interesting to see that the TV experience is getting distributed across an infinity of verticals.
@rrhoover @yancey the ability to 'pledge' right there, to see things being made even, packed, sent out, the scope of doing live to build trust. massive, great move.
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@rrhoover @yancey Interesting move indeed. This is one use-case we've been investigating with Livestorm. Cool to see that Kickstarter is finally offering that service "natively". Kudos also to Opentok who's providing the live infrastructure. Great opportunity.
@rrhoover @yancey Great idea. Interested about an answer too. Quality and how i is being presented is really important. Personally I see that the quality is getting also somekind of entry barrier. Campaigns which are not really elaborate already, having good and high quality video and info content will struggle more and more in the future. @rrhoover do you see something similar happening on PH?
@rrhoover Thanks Ryan! We've been working on this since July. We've been hosting about a half-dozen streams a day since then, testing and iterating. This creates a strong sense of community and immediacy between creators and backers. It's a great format for project updates, for live demos, and for showing the public your creative process as an artist or creator. We're bullish on this feature. The pledge activity while someone is live is markedly higher. And in a great sign of how well this feature functions, the early creators we've invited to do streams have been doing them repeatedly, testing and iterating. It's been inspiring to watch.
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As someone who built an entire website to track crowdfunding scams (Kickscammed.com) this is an amazing move towards transparency. I only wish they would make it a requirement that all creators do this.
@itsthisjustin Thanks Justin. It may eventually end up being a set part of every campaign, but we want to see how people organically gauge with it first. My hunch is that this will be like project videos β€” though not required almost everyone does them.
@itsthisjustin Agreed. Incentivizing live video as a requirement would only help creators, as the increased transparency will almost certainly lead to an increased emotional connection (and, it follows, more backers at higher amounts).
On a lighter note: when a product is not shipped even after years, there should be an option to hack into the creators Nest cam and initiate a live stream on demand πŸ˜‚
It's like teleshopping for phantom products.
Are they live during the entire campaign?
@shmuel_apel creators can go live whenever they want. during the campaign, after, etc