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#4 Product of the DayNovember 12, 2017

KickAppBuilder is SAAS platform for develop mobile applications for Small and Medium Businesses, Organizations, Agencies and Sole Entrepreneurs. We are proud to provide you super powerful Drag & Drop app builder, at low price, no coding skills required, at the same time including a set of integrations with popular platforms: PayPal, Authorize.Net

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I see taglines like this “build your app in 7 minutes for free. No coding required” And all I can think of are these cheap glossy mags with splashes across the front like “get a six pack in 24 hours just by eating pizza and playing Xbox” It just puts me off even looking at the product because no-one, anywhere is getting a finished, professional app made in 7 minutes. Also someone else in here has asked if something is possible and the maker has replied with a bunch of code. What about the “no coding required” part?
@mickc79 Thanks for asking about that. First thing yes you can build an app quickly, you can choose a template from our list of starter templates, customize information for your needs and see your app in just about minutes. All polishing and other details you can do later on as you wish. Second regarding the question above, as you can see there was some specific use case, without any clear use case like: RSS, Share on FB, Twitter, etc... The question was about how he can use Front camera in the app, so the easiest way to do it now is to use PhoneGap page(s) and take advantage of native functionality which he cannot find at the moment implemented in our feature set. That is perfectly fine, because we are not limiting you to extend any functionality you want. Once we have a clear vision about the feature (e.g. using Front Camera for some use case) using any native functionality we can add this as a new feature/page which will customizable from editor without any code manipulation. It is not about get six pack in 24 hours eating a pizza, definitely, but with a little bit of customizing your information using app editors you can achieve the goal to build your app without any coding, it depends on the complexity of the app you build as well. You can check out this tutorial on how to build your e-Commerce app with PayPal Payment We will continue adding new ones and improve our platform to fit the best need of our customers. If we miss some important feature which you think it would be nice to have let us know, we will include it on our roadmap. Thanks for your feedback, Hope I did answer your questions Looking forward for your feedback @mickc79
Hello folks! Thank you for expressing interest in our product. We are proud to announce about our product which solves the problem of rapid & easy mobile app development, with low cost, in a record time and no coding skills required. Let us know what do you think about the product, if you have any questions feel free to contact us in livechat, email, by phone or here in comments. Thank you, KickAppBuilder Team
Thank you everyone! I am looking forward your thoughts about the service, what's good and bad, and can be improved. Also if you have any ideas of features you would like to see here, feel free to tell us.
Can you access the phone’s front facing camera?
@scott_valentine If you mean about whether you can do that using our platform the short answer is YES. You can do that, so the easiest options is to use PhoneGap page inside your application (see screenshot how to add PhoneGap in your app ) Please have a look at PhoneGap access camera guide ` cameraSuccess, cameraError, [ cameraOptions ] ); ` here `cameraOptions` have many attributes, but what you need is Camera Direction { cameraDirection: 1 } Where Camera.Direction = { BACK : 0, // Use the back-facing camera FRONT : 1 // Use the front-facing camera }; Thanks for asking, Hope it helps
@kickappbuilder wouldn’t this be “coding required”?
@itsthisjustin The camera usage is for advanced users who require custom functionality and so we do not limit anyone to take advantage of. However we can add a new type of page/feature which would be configured from editor with no code required. If you have an idea of what would you like to have as a feature which uses camera that would be great feedback for us, to take in mind for our future add ons. Thank you!
@scott_valentine @kickappbuilder “no coding required” 🤔
Looks great!! Will surely try it out 😊
@ayush_chandra Thank you Ayush!!! Let us know your opinion, it really matters and please help us share with others our platform. Thank you!