Build knowledge graphs without writing code

#3 Product of the DayApril 09, 2020
With KgBase, any community or individual can create knowledge graphs to spark new ideas and find unexpected connections in their own data. With our no-code knowledge graph tool, users can access an extensive library of datasets available on the platform.
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Good morning everyone, I'm one of the engineers behind KgBase... We're building a tool that lets you build graphs of knowledge without writing any code. To build a graph, means to model real world using using "objects" and "relationships". One of our favorite examples (in the video above) is the startup funding data (one of datasets from Thinknum). We have a network of founders, startups, investors and funding rounds. Are you looking to raise 💰? Explore the network. Find out who knows who. Find out how other people raised money. Find the key persons you should talk to. Our UI basically lets you build graph database queries (Think Cypher or Gremlin) with couple of clicks. It allows you to follow connections and get answers quickly. Data above is imported through our API, but you can get started with a CSV file. (There's a feature to convert from flat file to graph.) And since we're really aiming for #nocode, we also have a couple integrations, so you can for example import emails from your Gmail account. Graphs have for a long time been this niche area, used for specific use cases, such as social network analysis. We're going to change that. (Btw, we're here all day to answer your questions, so ask away. 🙏)
This seems like a very interesting product. I've been looking for similar mindmaps for a while now. Can see the use in education. Keep it up guys!
I'm super excited about launching KgBase exclusively for PH community. As a person, who spent nights crafting the whole UI around KgBase, I cannot be more pleased with all the positive feedback we are getting. Most challenging part of the design process for me, was to find the right direction of how to draw the graph feature. Hours of research, wire-framing and developing it came to an end and we cannot be more proud of what have we created. I hope you will like KgBase, I'll also be here all day so let me know if you have any questions. Thanks
I've been using Mindmaps to scope out new domains for years. However Ive always found a lot of them lacking on the UI side. This looks like I might finally get to end my search. Hopefully you open up that waitlist soon!
@bnchrch Hey Ben, we just opened up sign ups for the launch day. You're welcome to come and give it a try!
With ever-increasing knowledge easily accessible, it's great that there's now a way to easily relate all this data. For an efficient analyst who knows code, I'm also happy to see this knowledge graph base where you can do more connecting the dots with less (while still having the option to customize it). Out of all the mapping solutions I've tried, this is the best I've come across to solve all the biggest headaches while also being very nice to look at. Great job!