Wealthfront for your Bitcoin, investing for everyone.

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Hey Product Hunters :) First, thanks to @nivo0o0 and @eriktorenberg at Product Hunt, appreciate all the help! Keza’s mission is to expand access of financial services to every corner of the globe. Through bitcoin, as a universal currency, a user from Lagos, Istanbul or Toronto can deposit with Keza in the exact same way. We're excited for Keza to be one of the many financial apps that can scale to more users than we've ever seen before thanks to the global nature of bitcoin. No more will amazing finance apps be restricted to just the U.S. or a select few countries 🙌 Today we're announcing that we're rolling out our public beta, we'll be sending out TestFlight invites to the first 2,000 users. If you're not one of the first 2,000 - don't worry - Keza will be on the iOS app store in the next few weeks. Sign up with your email at for updates! How Does Keza Work? With just a few taps, invest your bitcoin in a global portfolio of stocks and bonds. Choose from Keza’s optimally crafted portfolios and track your bitcoin investments over time. With no deposit minimum and low fees, Keza makes it easy to start investing from anywhere in the world. Key Features: - Invest in one of three portfolios: Conservative, Moderate or Aggressive. - Deposit seamlessly using any bitcoin wallet (Coinbase,, etc.) by sending to your Keza bitcoin deposit address. - Track and watch the value of your bitcoin denominated investments in real-time. My co-founder (@brittonstefan) and I will be on Product Hunt all day responding to questions from our booth at the LAUNCH Festival (thanks @jason!). We're huge fans of the community and have found a lot of my favorite apps here, excited to hear what you think of the app! Cheers, -Simon and Stefan, Co-Founders of Keza
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@realsimonburns Congrats, Simon! Feels like so long ago we were hacking away on a separate cryptocurrency project. Awesome to see you continue to innovate with Bitcoin. :)
@eranshir @nivo0o0 @eriktorenberg @brittonstefan @jason Eran, thank you for the support! Huge fan of Nexar and the vision (pun intended) you have for the company - if only I could emulate your amazing ProductHunt success :)
A few months ago I was speaking with @realsimonburns and he was telling me about the concept for Keza (previously Wealthcoin). A Wealthfront type of service through Bitcoin makes perfect sense. In the developing world people don't have the type of access to banking services that we have here, let along opening a brokerage account. They do use Bitcoin, however. So having a way to invest that money and get a return on the balance is great. And it's great to see Simon and the team going after that type of market that we don't encounter everyday. 👏👏💰📈
@nivo0o0 thanks for the kind words Niv :) It's been amazing to have you as a supporter since the early days, even when the app was super buggy!
Awesome team. Great product. Take all my bitcoins!
@alexadelman haha! Thanks Alex 👍
Hello Product Hunt! We are very excited to be showing Keza to the world today. We believe everyone should have access to easy, quality investment services - so we built Keza. Drop us your email to get early iOS beta access - or just hang tight, it'll be on the App Store soon. Either way drop us questions and just let us know what you think! We'll be here all day. Thanks everyone, happy hunting! Stefan
Congrats on the launch buddy! Curious - who do you think the main users of the app will be? Do you see yourself introducing more aggressive portfolio options that go beyond just index funds?
@vasunadella Thanks Vasu! Means a lot :) Our core user base is likely going to be users in emerging markets who don't have access to high calibre investments and have moved into bitcoin for either usage for banking services (remittances, cross-border payments) or who see it as a store of value. That's all a pretty wordy way of saying I think the core users will be early adopters of technology, mostly in countries with strong bitcoin adoption, who are looking to invest for their future. They might just like the nice UX too :) As for more portfolio options, that's certainly on the table! It's interesting how the beta feedback rolls in, we've had feedback to both add more conservative portfolios (all bonds) or to allow for more customization + addition of riskier assets. So the feedback is certainly directed at the extremes! We'll be accumulating more data over the next few weeks and use that to drive the product roadmap, more portfolios are definitely to come!