Keyword Planner ROI

Automatically calculate ROI inside Google Keyword Planner

#2 Product of the DayNovember 02, 2019
Keyword Planner ROI is a Chrome extension that automatically calculates forecasted Return on Investment inside Google's Keyword Planner. Instantly determine if you stand to gain or lose money with your campaigns.
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Hello Hunters! I'm stoked to launch my first product on Product Hunt, a time and money saving tool for Google's Keyword Planner. If you're familiar with the Keyword Planner you know that it shows cost and conversion value based on the keywords, max CPC, conversion rate, and value per conversion. Google leaves it up to you to determine if it's a good deal or not. They could easily show you the ROI in Keyword Planner but they don't...shocker. I made this to scratch my own itch. I thought it was a bit absurd that Google doesn't display ROI even though the inputs for calculating it are right there. Check out a gif of it in action on the website: I hope it helps you save time and money in your advertising endeavors. Cheers!
@dadamssg It's not absurd, it's a strategic and borderline criminal ploy to withhold information, and to rinse more money from advertisers.
@soultrader Totally agree. Took me off guard as a new advertiser on their platform but I completely understand why they would choose not to display it. Smh.
For the less-techie peeps, it would be great to have some videos showing how to use it ;) Thank you!
@eugen_popa hey sorry! Once you install the extension it will automatically start working inside the Keyword Planner. Check out the big gif on site to see it in action definitely let me know if it still doesn't make sense :)
@dadamssg Sorry... I am logged in in KWP but.. I dont know how to use your tool... Like I said... not-so-techie :)
@eugen_popa ah, have you input your conversion metrics?
@dadamssg I might be the wrong audience for you app :) Sorry :)
@eugen_popa no worries! For others, after you install the extension and go to they keyword planner the ROI will automatically display once you enter your conversion metrics: conversion rate and value per conversion.
I would love to try it out, however It's not available yet.
@mango_939 do you mean for your currency?
@dadamssg Nope, Just flat saying "Price not avaialbe" from Chrome webstore
@mango_939 well dang. The Chrome Web Store can be weird. If you don't mind me asking, where are you located?
How about a 30 day trial?
hi @dennis_l thanks for the interest! As the extension is dead simple and only does one thing, I didn't feel the need to add a trial. You can see exactly how it will work on the website:
Hey man, the ROAS attribute means Return over ads, which means it's already the ROI. In this image you provide it's 1.3, it's the same as 33% of ROI.
@joao_carvalho1 You're absolutely right. I made the extension because I'm used to seeing percentages and dollar amounts. Having the text change from red to green helps me evaluate quicker. The monetary display also gives me an immediate sense of scale since you can't control your overall max budget and are forced to use the Conversion Value/ROAS metric against the Cost and work that out either in your head or copy it to a spreadsheet.