Keystroke Pro

Keypress visualizer for macOS

“Keystroke Pro” visualizes keystrokes in an unique way. It has an appealing look in light and dark mode with great contrast, features subtle animations and overall is the perfect companion for capturing tutorials, recording screencasts and performing presentations.
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3 Reviews5.0/5
Love the bouncy animations, @martinlexow. Is this primarily for those recording screencasts? Curious how people are using it.
Would love to hear your feedback about “Keystroke Pro”! You can download a free trial version here: *And the first 20 users who use the discount code “producthunt” will get 50% off 🙂* (All gone!)
@martinlexow didn't see this comment. Already bought it. 😑
@joshdance No problem—I just refunded your money. Thanks for sharing your thoughts about the app! 🙂
@martinlexow Awesome! Bought it again. Thanks!
Sooooo good! Finally a great key caster app!

Your demo video was great. Covered everything I needed to know. I watched it and then bought it.


Clean. Gives you the options you need. Looks great.


Downloading and activating was a bit wokey. PDF, email with code, download app, activate. But nothing bad. Didn't take long.

Great job!! 😀 Windows please? These should be available for everyone besides being Windows or Mac users. These should really help users who don’t have keyboard strokes indicator for caps lock or on.