KeyReply keyboard app

Mobile keyboard for teams to reply better and faster

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Thanks @hnshah for featuring KeyReply today on launch! @carylyne @xumx and I built KeyReply to help mobile sales teams and SMBs with support roles respond better and faster to customers. You can expect to save 3-5 mins per reply that otherwise requires you to type in all the information. 1. KeyReply works as your team’s dropbox for communications - add, edit responses on the iOS app and on the web ( 2. You can send KeyReply templates from your iOS keyboard on any application - email, SMS, Messenger, WhatsApp, AirBnB, SalesforceIQ, Inbox etc ( 3. Help getting started - we have set up some tutorial templates for your team and feel free to drop us an email to get a complimentary 30 mins template setup session where we help your team get started like how we did so for our earlier customers. Walkthrough for one use case with SalesforceIQ: We have quite a no. of things baking in the pipeline too to make KeyReply even more awesome for your team. Let us know your thoughts and we will love to help your team work better on the go!
Cool stuff guys, excited for you! Looking forward to more awesome features!
@jasonlinjj Thanks! We're looking forward to your feedback!
Smart choice to put that in the keyboard, it's able to extend about any app. Are we looking to the start of app extensions? :) I wonder: does it also work for password fields? It could be a cool way to manage company password pool.
@oelmekki Thanks! It definitely makes it possible for company-wide content to be available on every app/channel. We put together a short list of potential app use cases here: We're definitely betting on app extensions :D We have something in the works for a Mac app too, so the entire team can use it on desktop in addition to mobile. Password fields are secure/protected fields though, so we're focusing on the content for now. But that's an interesting thought!
Congrats on the launch guys! More and more are we moving towards a mobile oriented lifestyle, doing tasks on the go. I spend around 660 hours each year commuting (roughly equivalent to the whole month of February – so tools like this that enable me to get work done whilst on the go are great. With the trend of mobile only going to continue tools like this will become more and more valuable. All the best with it!
@fredrivett Thanks! 660 hours is a crazy amount of time commuting, WOW. You'll be an ideal power user for us :p We definitely see the rise of mobile work with more distributed teams, and also with more channels available for work (email, Slack, other chat apps, etc) it's important for teams to have a consistent repository of content they can draw on.
Congrats @spenceryang on the launch! It really looks nice, hope for the best!
@thombouttefort Thanks so much Bouttefort for the support and feedback in our customer discovery process. :D