Keychron K6

A compact 65% wireless mechanical keyboard

The Keychron K6 is an innovative 65% compact wireless mechanical keyboard crafted to maximize your workspace and enhance productivity, while retaining all necessary multimedia and function keys. .
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8 Reviews5.0/5
Received my keyboard about 2 months ago. Good product! Congrats to the team. Plus they're some really nice guys.
Today I've got my K4 version from Kickstarter on optical blue switches! It's very nice. The price/quality is very good. It plays nice with my mbp. Strongly recommend, I like that mechanical keyboards are hyping!
It has nice quality and supports various platforms like MacOS and Windows etc. And Keychron team is working hard to make their products better.
Is delivery available to the UK?
@mathew_allen Seems to indicate that shipping is available anywhere in the world no matter the pledge amount. Backers in the UK are also listed as getting their parcel from within the EU.
@mathew_allen they will ship to the UK, you can see a list of shipping countries when you pledge it.