Keychron K4

96% compact wireless mechanical keyboard

#4 Product of the DaySeptember 25, 2019
K4 is a 96% compact but a fully-functioned mechanical keyboard. Featuring the largest battery of 4000 mAh, with Mac and Windows layout and dual connectivity (wireless and wired), it’s a perfect fit for your desk.
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3 Reviews5.0/5
I have the Keychron K2 (Typing on it now in fact), and it's a fantastic product. These guys really care about the end product, people's opinions, and feedback. They're really active in the Facebook Group for owners and backers, and the product itself is worth more than the price.
@danmatthews Glad you like our K2, dude.
Just ordered – K4 RGB Aluminium w/ Gateron... Probably going for Gateron Yellow
@dqmonn1 Thanks Dominic.
If only they did WiFi instead of BT, I'd buy in a heartbeat. Never been able to find a device that can maintain a steady BT connection with a PC. Android, sure, but not PC. And I sit on a couch, not at a desk, so I gotta have wireless connectivity.
@ehelldane Thanks for the recommendation, we will think about it.
I thinks its a fantastic product, and I would love contribute but the delivery fees are incredible expensive :/
@jean_diaz Hi Jean, we are sorry that we pick the shipping company base on the previous experience of K2, we choose the safe and reliable ones and try to lower the shipping cost as much as we can.
Delivery fees are off the hook, but the product itself is nice. K2 is such a good product, hope they fix shipping.