Keychron K2

A sleek, compact wireless mechanical keyboard

#1 Product of the DayApril 13, 2019
K2 is a super tactile mechanical keyboard featuring the largest battery seen in a mechanical keyboard yet. With 84-keys, K2 is a perfect combination of full-sized mechanical keyboard and ten-keyless keyboard.
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Where can I order it? Do you ship to Europe?
@csergiu_ro hey, you can order by backing the Kickstarter campaign, i believe shipping to Europe is $15 extra.
@csergiu_ro Hi, we do ship to EU by bulk, shipping for EU is $15-$19 depends on your shipping country.
@danmatthews Thanks for your help.
Is this a rebranded Keycool board? EDIT: Hmm just realize they were the ones with the low profile keyboard earlier too. Really like the aluminum option but no cherry switches, hmm
Here's your precious keyboard with travel, Joseph. @joerogan @kevin @zu_sven
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