Key Values

Find engineering teams that share your values

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Key Values is a engineering job board that finds you roles based on your shared values with the existing team.

  • Neeharika B.
    Neeharika B.Co-Founder @ Sonar

    Many startups can seem the same to candidates, key values helps us differentiate ourselves by better sharing who we are


    I can't wait for it to hit more eyes and get more traction as the go-to amongst engineering candidates

    Lynne is great to work with!

  • Pros: 

    Focused on the things that really matter


    Get your company on KV ASAP!

    Love this product

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Ben Tossell
Ben Tossell@bentossell ·
What a phenomenal twist on a job-board. Love this. Now if only the million other job-board clones would take a leaf out of this book.
Adora Cheung
Adora Cheung@nolimits · Partner @ Y Combinator
This is literally the missing job board we all wanted.
Nick Smith
Nick Smith@nicksmithr
This is excellent, needs to be something used more broadly in hiring. Would be awesome if you could weight (or rank) the importance of each value to you.
Denis Dinkevich
Denis Dinkevich@diskevich · Talent Enthusiast | Technology Geek
@nicksmithr it definitely makes sense!
Anders Hasselstrøm
Anders Hasselstrøm@anders_hasselstrom · Konch
Cool idea Lynne. I'd suggest automating the submission of companies. Consider using Typeform as UI and populate with webhooks. Would make it even cooler.
KennethHiring@kenneth_shaw · CEO, Tawkify
I love the focus on values as it better matches companies and employees that will add to the company culture. Will definitely utilize