Free cross-platform password manager 🔐

Free cross-platform password manager compatible with KeePass.
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Looks great! Does it have browser auto-fill?
@anna_0x No, there isn't. If you like the feel and look of KeeWeb you can try KeeVault which has web browser auto fill and secure cloud synchronisation if your KeePass database, however it's not free (2£/month)
@blasgomez thanks for the info! I'm quite happy with Enpass at the moment but it's good to know about alternative options.
@blasgomez @anna_0x, from what I've briefly checked, desktop version has Auto Type feature (which includes browser auto-fill):
Are there any guarantees around safety of data? Or I guess you would just host it yourself if you wanted that?
@tyler_andersen2 KeeWeb runs locally and unless you configure cloud storage, nothing leaves your computer
Doesn't show up, on Mac OS Catalina's Electron, with npm version 6.12.0 :( -- help?
i love keeweb on my mac. i have 4 encrypted databases shared with my windows colleagues.
Hello! Can I use this for a team? Does it have sharing features? Thank you