Turn Gmail into a Fully Functional Helpdesk

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#2 Product of the DayJuly 18, 2014
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Vincent Cassar
Vincent Cassar@vincentcassar · Vincent at
@BrianCurliss Streak adds extra functionalities to Gmail but is not dedicated to customer support. Keeping™ on the other hand focuses on adding helpdesk functionalities to Gmail. Here are the main differentiating functionalities: - Keeping™ lets email threads to be shared and synchronised within a group - Keeping™ offers the ability to auto answer repetitive emails - Keeping™ offers reporting capabilities Happy to expand if you want. And thanks for the upvote. Appreciated.
Mike Moloney
Mike MoloneyHunter@moloneymike · Founder @filtergrade.
Been looking for various solutions to customer support and this is one of the coolest I've found. Everything is handled within Gmail including auto-responses, pre-written templates for common questions, collaboration, and ease of use.
Patrick Wills
Patrick Wills@paddy · Founder, Earlymarket LLP
I got as far as registering but then it asked for all my 5000 google contacts which is a deal-breaker
Brian Curliss
Brian Curliss@briancurliss · Founder of
How does it compare to Streak?
Mike Moloney
Mike MoloneyHunter@moloneymike · Founder @filtergrade.
@BrianCurliss Well Keeping seems to be more of a support/customer help solution whereas Streak is CRM, managing leads and sales pipelines. Sort of a different market for both of them.