Turn Gmail into a Fully Functional Helpdesk

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@BrianCurliss Streak adds extra functionalities to Gmail but is not dedicated to customer support. Keeping™ on the other hand focuses on adding helpdesk functionalities to Gmail. Here are the main differentiating functionalities: - Keeping™ lets email threads to be shared and synchronised within a group - Keeping™ offers the ability to auto answer repetitive emails - Keeping™ offers reporting capabilities Happy to expand if you want. And thanks for the upvote. Appreciated.
Been looking for various solutions to customer support and this is one of the coolest I've found. Everything is handled within Gmail including auto-responses, pre-written templates for common questions, collaboration, and ease of use.
I got as far as registering but then it asked for all my 5000 google contacts which is a deal-breaker
@BrianCurliss Well Keeping seems to be more of a support/customer help solution whereas Streak is CRM, managing leads and sales pipelines. Sort of a different market for both of them.