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A smart vent that heats & cools your home (pre-order)

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@wmcleod When will the Smart Vent start shipping? Any data on the type of cost-reductions your beta customers have had using the device? I didn't see anything on the FAQ page about this. What's the benefit of using it?
@wmcleod I'd love to see air fresheners baked into these somehow. It's always made sense that this is where they belong, or at the air conditioner unit itself. Freshen the air as it gets pumped into the house. Anyway, cool product, watched you on Shark Tank. :)
@brdrck awesome idea. We've actually talked with some guys at P&G at the Febreeze group about something like that
@erictwillis we will ship late this summer. We find our customers are most focused on comfort so far but our early testing shows energy savings that put the ROI in the 1-2 year range.
This would be great with Nest integration.
KEEN HOME ON PH!! So proud to be investors here. Product #2 is already in development. What makes KH so unique is that it's focused on the "unsexy" parts of the home, the areas that quite frankly matter most to homeowners. Plus, they landed the 7th highest valuation in Shark Tank history!
@wmcleod I'm curious to hear about your Shark Tank experience. How did you reach out and did you do anything particularly creative to get on the show? Here's their episode (starts at the 21 minute mark):
@rrhoover They actually found us! Inc magazine held a "coolest college startup" bracket back in March: We made it to the finals and got on the Shark tank radar (grand prize was a meeting with Mark Cuban). They actually asked us to be on the show.
can't wait to give this a try, could solve a number of hot/cold spots in the house.