The World's First HomePod (like R2D2 for your home)

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I got to see this little guy in person. T'was adorable. Check out my write-up
This thing is AMAZING: - Wifi - Temperature/Humidity/Air quality/CO2 sensors - 1 TB storage - Several days of battery life - 360 degree panoramic camera - Smart projector - 3D Surround sound system - Runs on Android 4.3 (so ready for apps like Skype, Chrome, Netflix, HBO, Youtube etc.) - Smartphone app to control it (and make it MOVE into a pre-defined room) BUT, the price is steep, $2000+ now on Kickstarter. Retail will be around $5000. But this is a new thing obviously expensive. Really excited where this is going the next few years. It's like a whole new vertical?? bleep blap bloop
What's the video quality like? Doesn't seem that impressive from the video/stills.
@dberkowitz my guess it's just for home surveillance via your phone/tablet?
@dberkowitz Yes I noticed that too in the video.
@gnati @dberkowitz Video quality is HD1080p but in fisheye mode. We'll use a better camera sensor for our production model and will improve image quality for more beautiful live streaming, video chat, photos and surveillance. The cool thing about the camera is the super wide 360° panoramic views you'll get!
@gnati @pierreleb @gnati @dberkowitz KEECKER has a 1000 lumens, using long life LEDS instead of traditional lamps + a super wide throw angle for large screens even at short distances
@romaindo maybe you or someone from your team can answer some Q's?
@bramk @romaindo Sure, shoot any question you may have!
I find it a bit crazy that it does all of those things. Watch amazing TV, oh and it also protects your house. Oh and it drives around. I want 4
@Jonnotie May your wish come true, let me know :) I can hook you up with 4, or even just the one! Thanks for your feedback, it's awesome to read!