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Effortless real-time messaging that teams and customers love

Kayako Messenger is effortless live chat software, helping you provide live support and convert visitors into customers in real-time. Give customers a simple way to get support with a modern messaging experience across websites, apps, email, and social. Kayako Messenger scales with your team, whether you're supporting 100 customers or 100,000.

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Thank you @charlieirish for hunting us! Lots of others have tried to improve live chat, but have failed to scale real-time messaging for customer service. The easy problem to solve is building a beautiful messaging widget. The hard problem, which Kayako Messenger solves, is making real-time messaging work for teams: effortless collaboration on customer conversations, and allowing both your customers and your team to move between channels seamlessly. We've all experienced painful support conversations: from being asked to send an email after a live chat, to repeating yourself because the agent you’re speaking with doesn’t have a complete view of your multi-channel conversation history. We believe live chat isn't necessarily broken; it just wasn't done right in the first place. Legacy live chat apps just copy the dreaded "call center experience" over to the web - holding customers captive in a dreaded queue, being put on hold, and ultimately treating them like faceless ticket numbers. We’re also introducing the Kayako Messenger home screen. Today, you can highlight content from your Help Center and your recent Tweets. Soon, you’ll be able to add home screen apps from third-parties or build your own. For example, a StatusPage app will show live platform updates, and a Shopify app will show customers the status of their recent orders before they need to start a conversation. We believe the best customer experience is effortless and proactive. With Kayako Messenger, we’re taking a huge leap towards intelligently delivering the right kind of support to your customers at the right time: content when its helpful, one of your team when they’re needed. We also wanted any business to feel the benefit of better live chat by launching a completely free plan - $0 for up to three agents, if you sign up today, with plenty of room to grow as your scale from supporting your first customer all the way to your next 10,000. We set out to build a live chat experience like no other, and we hope you love the new Kayako Messenger. Thanks, Varun Shoor, CEO P.S. We surveyed 1000 consumers and 100 businesses to learn what they really think about live chat support - check out the results here: https://www.kayako.com/live-chat...
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I had the opportunity to use this product in beta and was blown away by it. It is a very impressive addition to their growing suite of services. The chatting widget itself has lots of small features that you really only appreciate through daily use of it. The animations are joyful, and I love the intelligence that it has. It recognizes users that have chatted in the past, it allows users to talk to the same agent, or even read through previous chat history. It pulls up suggested articles from the helpdesk and provides accurate wait times. The design of it is sleek and its very customizable. The Kayako team did a great job at building this product. Their tools have come a long way and they have really become a force to be reckoned with. By itself the livechat stands among the best other livechat services, but its seamless integration with the helpdesk portion and knowledgebase (which other companies are tacked-on to existing solutions as third party providers) is what throws this product over the top of other competitors. For anyone that used their previous chat product (i'm just going to say it... it was pitiful), it really is worth looking at this again. This new product i know has nothing at all to do with the previous one. It isn't a re-skin, but a complete rebuild. They completely abandoned the previous chat system they were using and built this from scratch (at least that was my understanding of it based on the conversations I had as part of the beta team). Its a completely new product and its worth reconsideration.
Looks neat! Well done!
finally! Many companies will be happy to try it! Congrats, Jamie!

A very good system with an awesome design


Great design. Very cool UI and functionalities. The chat history for the site visitors is a brilliant idea


When a visitor sends a message, there should be a browser notification just in case the agent is working on something else on the system

@ceejaiy Hey Clinton - we actually launched browser notifications today too! Find out more here: https://support.kayako.com/artic...
We've been beta-testing browser notifications, and they're a great improvement for agents!