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Kayako is effortless customer service software that helps teams be more productive and build customer loyalty.

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Hi ProductHunt, thanks @loaibassam for hunting us! We launched the new Kayako yesterday and would love your feedback. Customers expect an uninterrupted conversation - even as they switch from Twitter to email, from email back to your Help Center - without worrying about what might fall through the cracks or whether they’ll lose track of various support tickets We believe that traditional helpdesks just aren’t helpful anymore. Businesses are struggling to keep up. Teams are prevented from connecting the dots, from truly understanding their customer, and to make each interaction count for more: friction-free customer service, human conversations, and deeper relationships. It’s 2016 and yet, in many ways, customer service is still living in the 1990s. It’s time to stop treating customers like support tickets, and start treating them like people. Kayako is here to change that, and help businesses get better at customer service. We really want to hear from you - let us know how you like the new Kayako! PS: We've added a Product Hunt exclusive for the community. Click through to check it out!
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@varunshoor pretty impressive start. imo there are two things you're missing (unless I missed it) to enable 'uninterrupted conversation': voice and allowing responses to customer reviews (I'm sure you guys are probably working on voice). imo interacting with customer reviews is a really important social media feature that is ignored by almost every customer support platform. Of course implementing it will be much harder than the rest because of non-technical reasons
@varunshoor, I am really delighted to have found Kayako! Love every aspect of the product so far. Great job :)
@kay0stheory Thank you Brian! You nailed it, that has been our vision with Kayako. The world needs to evolve beyond treating customers like “tickets” and “Twitter customers” and “email customers”. Unlike traditional helpdesks, we've designed the Kayako platform to be channel agnostic, built around conversations and people, not channels and tickets. Your business and your team shouldn’t need to think twice about supporting or reaching their customers on their preferred channel, or need to jump through hoops to get there.
@loaibassam Thank you so much, means a lot to the entire team at Kayako! ❤️
@varunshoor Hi I just signed up to Kayako via Product hunt for the Growth plan which says 3 agents for life for free. I just wondered how this works as when I login to Kayako it says I'm on a trial and that with 3 agents it will be $1,800 a year. I just wondered how this works. Does it mean the Growth plan is free until you add a 4th agent or have I got the wrong end of the stick?
I have truly struggled to find a simple yet advanced self-help centre. I tried Zendesk and the likes... and I personally think Kayako easily beats them! I have just started setting up a knowledge-base for my new startup Plutio.com - here are my thoughts: - Finding my way around Kayako's dashboard and customization settings was incredibly quick and easy! - Their default theme was very basic, but that allowed me to easily customize it to match my brand. The HTML and CSS editor is really simple and fast. - Their support and sales team was very helpful and only few minutes away. - Personally, I found their pricing very competitive and affordable, especially as we are just starting up. - Adding categories and articles is different than the others, it is not a dashboard, it is actually inline with the theme... So it is "what you see is what you get" type editor. Which I personally like.
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@loaibassam wow, thanks Leo! Bowled over. Glad you liked the 'inline' experience of managing content in the Help Center. We spent a lot of time talking to full time self-service authors and content managers to understand the workflow, productivity challenges. Lots left to do, but onwards and upwards 🚀
@loaibassam As much as people like to rave about Zendesk, i find it very basic in its feature set. The (very) few things it does, it does so cleanly and efficiently. But it really is lacking in its overall features.
We've just launched an exclusive for the Product Hunt community: your first 3 free agents (for life, no minimum signup, in addition to the standard 25 free collaborator agents) on our Growth plan for the first 100 people to sign up using the Product Hunt link. Just sign up for your trial, and when you're ready to upgrade, we'll set you up with the discount. Happy supporting! 🚀 PS: If you like our website illustrations, you'll love our take on the Product Hunt kitty - click through to check him/her/it out!
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@varunshoor How do we know if we made the cut?
@varunshoor How do we know if we got selected?
@webjoe @jonasbjornsson if you see the Product Hunt popup screen when you click through using the Get link at the top, you've been tagged - if you sign up for a trial we'll automatically flag your account. When you're ready to upgrade from the trial, drop us a line (we'll have contacted you by then!) and we'll set up your 3 free agents or equivalent discount if you need more :-)
@jmedwards - Hi Jamie - The product looks great! I signed up for the FT and it hung on the set up loading indicator. I haven't been able to log in and didn't get a confirmation email. Any suggestions? Should I sign up again?
@tylerswartz hey Tyler - sorry about that, we've been a bit overwhelmed by the response, so we throttled the account creation. It will get there eventually and you'll get an email with your account details in minutes. Alternatively, try again if you haven't got anything after a while. Don't worry, we've got you tagged for the PH offer. We haven't got to 100 yet!
Great job on the website design, layout and structure.
@stephenvoisey I agree! The website design was what really attracted me to them first.
@loaibassam @stephenvoisey if you want more of our creative team's work, check out https://dribbble.com/kayako :)
@gnownad @loaibassam Lovely, thanks. I was going to ask if this was internally developed or an agency. You've done a great job of breaking down and clearly presenting features to sell your solution and I'll be using it as a reference on 'How to get it right' with my clients.
We were using Zendesk, but switched to the new Kayako during their beta. We really like the free collaborator agents you get with each plan - it made it far easier for us to adopt and bring more of our team on board able to access customer history. The work they've done it's amazing!