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Hi everyone! Co-founder and CEO here. Happy to answer any and all questions you may have! :)
1) is this a video version of olark? why is video better than chat? 2) what are your price points?
@eriktorenberg thanks for the questions Erik! 1) we've been hearing that comparison quite a bit lately so for sure it has merit! however, we also include features such as screen sharing, smart call routing and the ability to call back/dial out right from the Katana dashboard. We feel that video is better in many instances compared to just text chat but it really depends on the area of business the company is in. Video chat has been proven to increase sales in areas like insurance, financial services, banking, consulting, high-end retail, and many more industries that are predicated on face-to-face interaction. We've also found that looking at a live person helps brands establish trust and loyalty to the consumer they are interacting with. It's really all about that human-to-human interaction. (one of our mottos: http://cl.ly/image/2G1I3T1T261Y) 2) price points differ depending on the size of the business, the number of agents, and if the customer wants any custom UI/design work done. We're pretty quick on turning around quotes so if you're interested please drop us a line at http://katana.co/get-my-demo/ Thanks again! :)
Great team and great product. The key thing you dont realize until you put this on your site is how well it converts users into customers. The vast majority of the public does not know they can video chat without skype so when you can give them a amazon mayday like experience it really helps close the sale.
@dbl thanks for the kind words Daniel! Means a lot.