Furniture comparison platform with products from all brands

Kasera help customers to find furniture and home decor accessories from major retail brands in one place.
Our goal is to help customers to find furniture quickly and reduce the research time required to buy furniture.
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Nice work. Would love to know how you're aggregating the data from stores. Any plans to crowd source products?
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@lachlankirkwood thank you, we have formed partnership with the brands on our website and they provide us the data feed every night. Crowd source products is something we would like to do in the future, some of the makers in Facebook and Etsy makes some amazing products.
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Hello Hunters, We(my wife and me) went through a number of furniture website and store visits before we found our sofa. Our bookmark list was long and spent hours debating which sofa will be the right match for our living room. We created Kasera to solve just that, anyone looking for furniture can find products all retail brands and marketplaces in one platform. We are also creating contents and inspirations to help people to find the right furniture for the decor. We would love feedback so please give us your thoughts. - If you have bought furniture in the last 12 months or so would this have helped you? - Do you find the website easy to use on your device? - Or anything else you found interesting or missing on the website. Thanks in advance, Rahul
I don't think this will allow users to perceive the advantages of comparison. On the contrary, user selection will be difficult in different product styles, but it will not solve the easy shopping.
@new_user_27a2dc6e8a Thanks for your feedback, it is an interesting view. We have plans to build features to help customers discover quickly from the range selection available.
@rahul_mohanachandran Houzz is better. The welivv platform lacks comparison of products within the scene. But you need to iterate over and come on.