Karmic OSLO

The electric love child of a bike and a scooter

Even though there have been great advances in EV tech, ebikes have remained largely the same. Great ones are expensive, and affordable ones are junk. In spite of everything out there, we believed that the best electric bike had yet to be built. So we built it.
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I've been a biker for decades... but that's not why I posted this I posted this cuz I love getting around SF fast! As in: not waiting for busses or Ubers or sweating on my bike or standing on a scooter forever Karmic's new bike is 10/10 stylish. Like if Apple designed a bike And I can't wait for all the crazy new types of vehicles we're gonna get
@thetylerhayes Thanks for Hunting the OSLO! You were one of the first to ride a Karmic way back when. Whoooooo! (that hair tho)
I love my Karmic Køben and it's been my main bike for ages. When I saw this, I instantly knew it was the right evolution. No longer tied down to being a bike that happens to have power, it feels more like a new vehicle.
@k Thanks Kevin! I'm glad you agree we're moving in the right direction. Time to upgrade your Koben to an OSLO.
I like the sleek look. Is it gonna be available in the UK?
@thomas_paul_mann Glad you like the look. We're focused on the US market for launch, but the 250W motor was selected so that we can offer it in other countries as well.
looks amazing hong! been following your work for years and it's been awesome to see how you've evolved your vision re micromobility.
@smalter Thanks Walter! Appreciate the support over the years.
I love the OSLO, but I'm a bit biased. Let me know if you have any questions and I'll try my best to answer!