Making the world a better place through games

Karmafy is a platform that lets game developers empower their players to support good causes for free simply by playing their game. The player is happy, gamedevs make more money and charities get funding. Win! Win! Win!

We call it Freemium Philanthropy. Play & Do Good!
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Michael Schmidt
Connecting Games to Charity
We believe that supporting good causes should be fun, free and for everyone! With Karmafy, we make supporting good causes a part of your everyday play in games. And it's free! The 40 charities that we have partnered with are all very efficient non-profit social enterprises. For the latest games on the platform we have highlighted 5 of them: Water.org, Barefoot College, APOPO HeroRats and KickStart International. The player gets to choose which one of these should receive their support. The game developers are happy to donated a part of their revenue to the good causes as this means that the players choose to play, share, watch ads and spend more in the game. We call it Freemium Philanthropy. Play & Do Good! We are looking forward to getting questions, feedback and ideas from the Product Hunt community and hope that we together can make the world a better place. If you want to become part of the Karmafy game developer family please get in touch or leave a comment below.