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Exclusive offer for early-adopters. Get lifetime Karmabot plan for FREE using CHATBOT2 coupon. Update: Only 19 free subscriptions left out of 1000.
@stas_kulesh thanks for coupon. I think let user let ask for karma also. We have usecase to use karma like system, where our managers self decide how they work, and they request karma. We accept or decline.
@lcmstart Wow, that is a great piece of feedback, we will definitely consider that
@lcmstart updated Karmabot. It will any manager to request karma for her/himself. Other managers will have to approve. Enjoy!
@stas_kulesh woahh great, our HR will be excited. Thank you guys !!!
Initially, Karmabot was an internal tool, a chatbot we built to make our team happier on Slack. Give and track performance points (karma). Set monthly salary bonuses based on karma points. Set quarterly goals and let people see their performance compared to their colleagues. Give extra points to the teams for shipping the product earlier. Inspire team members to share some karma between each other. Create better work environment by rewarding excellence. Each karma request must have a sound reason and has to be either approved or rejected by the admin. Anyone can request karma. Make bulk karma requests for all #channels members. > /invite @karmabot > #product 20++ Sweet karma to everyone for meeting the deadline! > Rad! @designer got +20 karma from @pm > Sublime! @programmer got +20 karma from @pm > @designer ++ For being super responsive! > Great! @designer got +1 karma from @programmer Karmabot handles karma, and you choose what to do with that data. Here are some ideas: - Fair performance reviews - Monthly or/and quarterly bonus system - Awards of all sorts - Teams engagement visualised, etc. Try Karmabot for free during the comfortably long 90-days trial period. The app requires a paid account with our service (secured by Stripe). Use PRODUCTHUNT75 code to get 75% off any plan. Cheers!
The formula we use in Sliday: BASE SALARY + KARMA × $N + QUARTERLY BONUS × KARMA SHARES KARMA SHARES = YOUR QUARTERLY KARMA / TEAM QUARTERLY KARMA The 'mantra' (custom set of rules defining karma amounts) we use is as follows: Project completed early +30 Project completed +20 Milestone delivered early +10 Milestone delivered in time +5 Code review and quote assistance +3 Team spirit +1 Superfast communications +1 Being awesome +1 Not cool at all -1 No #status report -1 Not responsive -1 Not delivered as promised -5 Broken production during client review -10 No show -20
Cool idea!! Pricing seems very reasonable. Fun to see other startup companies aiming for happiness at work. We're also launching a Slack bot with the same purpose (very different approach though) on PH tomorrow. GL with the rest of the hunt!
More than 7750 happy Slackers registered on Karmabot in the last 6 hours. We love you ProductHunt!
Would be awesome if it could access private channels too.
@dominiklevitsky I think it can, actually: http://take.ms/LDr3G