Karmabot for Microsoft Teams

Performance tracking in chats for modern businesses

Karma bot for Microsoft Teams encourages to work better, deliver faster, improves performance and maximises efficiency in chat environment. Karma equips team members with the tools they need to address their weaknesses and provides the team leaders with actionable HR insights, introducing a healthy competition that fosters effectiveness.

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Did you know, that Microsoft created yet another market for bots? After several months of design and development process our side-project just got the approval. Karma bot is officially in the Microsoft Teams bots store! Huge thanks to Microsoft team for their support throughout the process. Karmabot is not new to Product Hunt universe. - https://www.producthunt.com/post... got 1000+ upvotes — thank you all very much for such a warm reception! - https://www.producthunt.com/post... — major Status feature got a decent reception too. In short, Karmabot is tracking and measuring the short- medium- and long-term team performance using simple commands like: > Karma John Doe ++ For being nice to me all week! Anyone can request karma points for any other member of the team. It’s either auto-approved or reviewed by moderators. Based on the requests’ descriptions, each team member is getting his/her profile built. The full list of features is available at http://karmabot.chat/ms-explained *Today we boldly go where no man has gone before* Well, some did, but Microsoft Teams chat is the new Outlook email. Judging by Karma bot stats companies and organisations like H&M, Amadeus, Michelin, Adidas, Telstra, Red Cross, Dolby Laboratories already are interested in shifing their everyday business communications to chats. We’d be more than happy to have your team with us as well. Microsoft Teams Karma bot explained: http://karmabot.chat/ms-explained Adding Karma bot to Microsoft Teams 1. Follow this link: https://karmabot.chat/ms-install 2. Pick the team you want to add Karmabot to in the drop down 3. Install Karma bot *Stats* Combined Karmabot stats (13 Jun 2018): - Users: 239,475 - Karma points given: 191,005 - Teams: 1,551 Aiming for 1M users by the end of 2018. Companies that trust us today
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@stas_kulesh upvoting man, you are makers
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@vladkorobov Thanks man! We're getting there.

Our team is in love with Karma. Hopefully other teams would feel the same way!


Wow! This is a a first product that has every bit working in tabs. That is something


I recon negative karma needs to be removed

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