Kapwing Studio 2.0

Make multimedia together in real time

#4 Product of the DayOctober 24, 2019
Real-time collaboration on video, image, and GIF projects. Free and in the browser.
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Hi Product Haunters 👽 -- Kapwing is back 👻 to introduce support for *real-time collaboration* on multimedia projects. With Studio 2.0, creators can make video slideshows and collages, animate, edit video, add music, caption, make ads and memes, design graphics and much more WITH teammates 👨‍👩‍👧‍👧 on different computers, at the same time. We also launched shared Workspaces, a platform for co-workers to share re-editable Kapwing projects. Creative teams and groups can join a shared Workspace to review, copy, edit, and download each others' projects. Great for: - 👨🏽‍🎓 Student group projects - 📱 Social media managers - 👩🏼‍🎨 Digital media VAs and their clients - 👩🏻‍💻 Remote teams - 🤳🏼 Influencers, content marketers, and small media teams Thanks so much for all the awesome support from the PH community over the last two years!! Hope you enjoy Studio 2.0 + Shared Workspaces, and let us know what you think 😻 #darkModeSinceDay1
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Amazing product !
@mikedane7 thanks Mike! Any ideas for how we could improve it?
This service is amazing the studio and editors are extremely easy and versatile to use I was extremely surprised at how easy it was because I am not very savvy with a lot of the editing Tools in traditional platforms but this one made it very easy to understand without having to watch a ton of tutorials or read through documentation to understand how to use it. Going to save me a lot of headache pushing out content on various platforms
Very cool update! Real-time collaboration is becoming vital to how teams get work done. Congrats on the launch!
@tylerswartz Hi Tyler -- We completely agree. So important to support remote teams and both synchronous and async collab to avoid version control headaches and wasted time.