The world’s first premium room air conditioner

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Kapsul is a beautiful, small and portable premium air conditioner

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Erwin James Will
Erwin James Will@ejameswill · Software Engineer
is Kapsul just a newer version of this? https://www.producthunt.com/post...
Ricardo D. Flores
Ricardo D. Flores@ricardo_d_flores
@ejameswill They rebranded after having several failures since they launched in 2016. https://technical.ly/philly/2018...
Kapsul Admin
Kapsul Admin@kapsul_admin
@ejameswill @ricardo_d_flores We re-branded when we received a trademark complaint over our name from a much larger company. (It would have been an expensive fight.) This product has spent several years in development (as is pretty typical for new hardware) and will finally be released next spring! Woot!
Maia Bittner
Maia BittnerHunter@maiab · Co-founder
This is one of those ideas where it seems obvious in hind sight, but I would have never thought of it in advance. Of course, window air conditioners are so clunky and ugly - why haven't we seen a better looking one before now?? My guess is historically homeowners have been better off than renters, and so they would install central air and poor renters are stuck with an ugly solution. Now that that's no longer the case, renters can rejoice in air conditioners that aren't terrible!
Kapsul Admin
Kapsul Admin@kapsul_admin
@maiab Right? It's mind-blowing when you really think about it.
Dave Legion
Dave Legion@taxodapp · Tax Slayer
Congrats on your launch guys - Sleek design from the front, is there anywhere I can see the unit from the back of the unit / exterior view ?
Kapsul Admin
Kapsul Admin@kapsul_admin
@taxodapp Hey Dave - many thanks! You can see some images of the outside of the unit on our Instagram @kapsulair
Babken Karapetyan
Babken Karapetyan@babken_karapetyan · Innovation is a Memetic Evolution
How much it is cost?
Kapsul Admin
Kapsul Admin@kapsul_admin
@babken_karapetyan This unit will retail for $599 when it launches next spring.
Karine Darbinyan
Karine Darbinyan@karine_darbinyan · Chief Operating Officer (COO)
I think it can work, especially in loft office spaces. We always has this issue at work) GOOD LUCK TO YOUR TEAM!